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Our clients rely on highest confidentiality for key positions.

Our multinational clients often come to us when they are looking to find the right people for confidential positions; this is naturally proof of the trust our clients have in our consultants and is a direct result of the close relationships we have built with the senior management at our client companies. Our consultants are able to fully and accurately realize hiring plans, understand the nuances of the market and grasp the type of candidate that a particular role requires. We are experts in consulting you in your career, driving the hiring process forward, scheduling meetings with key decision makers and negotiating salaries on your behalf.

Confidential placement refers to the placement of candidates in positions that for various reasons the client company is unable to publically advertise, such as in these three examples:

1.Popular companies and positions
In order to avoid a rush of applicants, clients use agencies such as JAC International to filter potential candidates.
2.Directorships or start-up businesses
When the client does not want to advertise to other companies the fact that they are recruiting.
When a client cannot publicise its intentions to make an initial public offering, but needs to recruit specialised people with relevant experience.
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