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Technical Solution Consultant

Publication date 2020/06/30

Tokyo,11.0M ~ 14.0M

Japanese Start-Up

Business description

Understand customer needs deeply and take into account the functions and features of the services and APIs, which will lead to the success of customer projects.
Work with customers, partner companies, and internal stakeholders to develop appropriate solution implementation plans and support PoC and implementation projects. Or manage promotion and execution.
Accurately understand the needs of the market, customers, and partner companies, set appropriate priorities, and provide feedback to development teams and related departments to contribute to service and API improvements.

Commutation, Health Insurance, Employees' Pension, Employment Insurance, Industrial Injury Insurance

At least 8 years of work experience and 3 years of experience in managing project management for cloud services (SaaS / PaaS / IaaS)

Cloud-based business solution implementation project experience and rich knowledge (network, database, storage, application server, and back-office tools, ERP, Salesforce, Box, G-Suite, workflow management, AD, AWS, GCP, Azure, Cloud authentication, network, etc.)

Experience building and developing collaborative solutions using Rest API

High communication and negotiation skills to make necessary claims while building and maintaining good relationships with various stakeholders in the project. (English required)

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