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Purchasing manager

Publication date 2020/06/9

Tokyo,10.0M ~ 13.0M

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Report Line: Japan Purchasing & Supplier Management Country Lead
- The primary function of Purchasing is to economically and efficiently purchase goods and services commensurate with AbbVie policies and objectives, while adhering to a strict standard of business ethics and integrity.
- Provides high levels of customer satisfaction and manages suppliers effectively.
- The Purchasing Manager works closely with Affiliate management and employees at levels up to and including directors and divisional vice presidents in a technical and/or specialist role.
- This position negotiates, develops and implements agreements that maximize value and support client initiatives, standardizes materials, services and suppliers.
- The Purchasing Manager is delegated the authority to commit company funds.
- This position will work on the definition and resolution of known or anticipated problems in value, quality, feasibility, and specifications in the procurement of goods and services, while contributing cost savings and other value added activity to support customer needs and expectations.

- Responsible for sourcing, bidding, negotiating, contracting, and purchasing goods and services based on category of spend supported. Execute the competitive bidding process in accordance with Company's Purchasing Policy.
- Understand Company's approved buying channels and contracting policy for goods and services and help guide requestor’s to the appropriate buying channel;
- Understand existing preferred supplier relationships for certain spend categories and help drive spend to these suppliers;
- Demonstrates knowledge of external guidelines (e.g., FDA, Customs, TSCA, USDA, PhRMA) to ensure compliance.
- Identify, develop, and implement improved and standardized buying practices to ensure adequacy of supply chain. Educate requisitioners on the same
- Provide support to ensure continuous improvement in supplier/company interface.
- Seek innovative solutions for the procurement process, develop action plans and participate in cross-functional, cross-divisional teams.
- Effectively develops and negotiate confidentiality agreements and any other agreement at a financial approved and authorized for the position.
- Works closely with Finance to review and approve all required purchasing related documentation (bid forms/waivers, meetings forms, new vendor forms etc).
- Meet regularly with internal customers and support functions to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.
- Support AbbVie sourcing strategies and obtain client approval of category sourcing strategies. Communicate with the Strategic Sourcing Group to help identify major strategic sourcing opportunities
- Develop and maintain a supply base that ensures the best value for quality, delivery, pricing, service, etc. This includes the performance of on-going analysis and cost reductions by
- Implementation of preferred supplier networks by category to ensure the lowest overall cost and highest possible value for dollars spent.
- Develop and maintain necessary files and records to maximize performance in completing job functions.
- Perform on-going analysis and cost reductions to ensure the lowest overall cost and highest possible value for dollars spent.
- Analyze supplier performance using rating system using established rating systems (e.g., supplier metrics program, suppliers goals, etc.).
- Expert in the use of procurement tools including but not limited to; ETC, POPS, SAP, e-Procurement, economic indicators, contract management.
- Proactive management of category and suppliers including, anticipation, resolution and communication.

Operational Responsibilities:
- Review and approve vendors annually for in-activation; approving / rejecting the addition of new vendors;
- Understand “trigger events” that may require a re-fresh of the third party compliance process, and communicate the occurrence of these events to the Vendor Management Group;
- Review and approve the creation and content of affiliate vendor catalogs;
- Investigate and aid in the resolution of invoice issues related to PO purchases;

Health Insurance
Employees' Pension
Employment Insurance

Skills, Knowledge and Qualifications:
- Systems
- SAP & Purchasing Systems (Supplier Relationship Management (SRM))
- Contract Management Tool
- E-Sourcing Tool
- Business Knowledge
- Purchasing Policy
- Competitive Bidding Policy
- Contracting Policy
- Inventory Management Policy

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