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Oncology Medical Information Specialist

Publication date 2020/06/9

Tokyo,8.0M ~ 10.0M

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Job Description

Collection, Evaluation and Accumulation of Academic Information We will collect, scientifically and fairly evaluate and accumulate scientific information about our products and related diseases.

Providing academic information to internal stakeholders, consultation, proposal Providing academic information and consultation
for product strategies / materials and training contents / materials created by internal departments.
In order to improve the academic knowledge of MRs, we will disseminate advanced academic information and conduct specialized training.
Provide scholarly information, consultation, proposals, and support the creation of medical plans.

Create academic materials and respond to requests that require advanced academic knowledge
Proper use guides, interview forms, creation / revision of medicine bookmarks, and creation of manuscripts related to new products.
Respond to academic inquiries that are beyond the scope of the Customer Support Center.

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