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Application Engineer for Honey Comb Catalyst

Publication date 2020/06/9

Tokyo,6.0M ~ 9.0M

American Glass and Ceramic Manufacturer

■ Design activities
・ Contact customers to understand requirements and make design proposals in collaboration with global team

■ Test plan and development support
・ Understand the test purpose and share the approach method within the parties concerned (design, development, sales)
・ Perform sample analysis before and after testing
・ Perform phenomenon analysis and design proposals using modeling tools such as Axisuite

■ Data analysis
・ Analysis of test data and product characterization results (Dp, FE, properties, geometry)
・ Experimental verification based on chemical and physical models
・ Associate performance-related aspects with product characteristics, attributes and substitutes
・ Summarize results in reports and presentations and share information within the organization and with customers

[Products in charge]
Ceramic honeycomb carrier for automobile exhaust gas purification, exhaust gas filter

*Complete social insurance,
**Commuting expense
*Retirement allowance system
*Defined contribution pension system,
*Self-development support system,
*Training System (e-learning),

[Essential requirements]
・ Basic understanding of chemical engineering (fluid dynamics, heat transfer, dynamics, reaction)
・ Ability to plan, execute, analyze data, and assess procedures
・ Data analysis management knowledge
・ Data processing using analysis tools (eg Axisuite) and Excel, and documenting and reporting of results are possible.
・ Reading and writing English without resistance
・ English communication is possible (TOEIC 760 or above)
・ Basic understanding of internal combustion engine, emissions and aftertreatment, including test methods (better with industry experience)
・ Project management skills
[Personal requirements]
・ Excellent interpersonal skills (communication skills to maintain good relationships with customers and internal stakeholders)
・ Self-efficient work

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