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Digital Transformation Strategist/ Manager

Publication date 2020/06/9

Tokyo,8.5M ~ 14.0M

Global European Mega Pharmaceutical Company

This role is critical for the pharmaceutical division of Japan’s future business success by leveraging digital capabilities to address business needs more
effectively and efficiently. This includes creating synergies across various digital marketing teams and support functions while providing overall technical leadership.
- Demonstrate success throughout the organization by driving cross-functional digital
- Projects in topics such as process automation, data science and analytics, and BI
- Provide technical advisory for business teams dealing with advanced technology and/or technology vendors
- Contribute to the overall digital portfolio steering efforts in the pharma division
- Support internal digital change management through learning and innovation programs
- Engage with senior leadership to drive transformational projects in various business units
- Accelerate growth by connecting with experts from other regions, as well as partners in the local industry and complementary industries.

- Health Insurance
- Employee's Pension
- Employment Insurance
- Industrial Injury Insurance

- Bachelor’s Degree or above

- At least 4 to 5 years experience as a contributor or consultant in areas such as data
science/machine learning, full stack engineering, and/or data engineering, with strong
interest in commercial topics and a strong technical background
- Understanding of or experience in the pharmaceutical industry is a strong plus
- Track record of delivering innovative solutions to enhance commercial activities

- Business level English (TOEIC 730+ or equivalent)
- Business level Japanese (N1/N2 or equivalent)
- Strong logical thinking ability and quick at learning new concepts or techniques
- Strong oral and written communication skills, with the ability to convey complex concepts in simple terms
- Prior experience in internal/external consulting and/or leadership engagement
- Self-driven and initiative and out-of-the-box thinking
- The ability to not only deliver innovative solutions but also to get others enthusiastic
about the solution by building trust through professional social skills

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