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Information system infrastructure engineer

Publication date 2020/06/9

Tokyo,4.0M ~ 7.0M

Top Level EdTech Company, safe and high level work space

■ Job description
We will lead the proposal and execution of infrastructure strategies for all in-house IT, accumulate knowledge on operations, and promote standardization.

・ Design, construction, and operation of the entire on-premises server & network (headquarters & regional bases)
・ Design, construction, and operation of AWS and GCP
・ Management and operation of each SaaS service
・ Technical follow-up to help desk and service-side IT team

With the expansion of the business scale and global expansion, the IT infrastructure that is essential for all operations is not only limited to physical infrastructure, but also hybridized with the utilization of SaaS services in order to improve stability, safety, and convenience. There is an urgent need to promote and create an organization to promote company-wide DX. Charm

■ Involves infrastructure construction from the design stage. Not only the operation of the operating system but also the general infrastructure can be widely involved from the planning stage to the design, construction, and operation.

■ You can do a lot of work with full discretion It can be said that it is the growth period of in-house infrastructure now, catching up each problem in every area (from physical infrastructure to PaaS, SaaS), making quick decision making for resolution, and infrastructure of the next era that supports the entire companies business. The discretion at the time of construction is great, and you can work independently and speedily.

■ There is an environment where you can learn and grow It also features an environment where you can learn and grow to increase the potential of your employees. The company will bear the cost of self-development, with 50% of the tuition fee being set as an upper limit of 200,000 per year. We have also enhanced the support system for attending school and e-learning attendance at our School of Management. Also, about once a month, we hold a study group called the "Knowledge Creation Study Group", in which experts from inside and outside the company learn the trends and examples of cutting-edge technology, and we have prepared an environment where we can always grow.

■ It is an environment where engineers can work comfortably Freely verifiable environment (both on-premises and AWS) We have created an environment where engineers can work easily, such as free clothing, the introduction of flex working hours, and the introduction of an in-house cafe. Currently, we have also introduced remote work and based on our "freedom and self-responsibility" policy, we are helping individuals work efficiently and productively.

・ Two days off per week
・ Paid leave: 20 days a year (up to 40 days due to carry over the following year) <5 days during trial period>
・ Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29-January 4), wedding leave, enduring leave, disaster leave, maternity/childcare leave, sabbatical leave (granted at 5th to 10th years of service)

The education system and qualification assistance
・ Globis School of Management attendance support system
・ Self-development support (up to 200,000 yen per year)

Qualification requirements Prerequisite
・ Experience building and managing virtual environment (VMware) (2 years or more)
・ Experience building and managing Windows or Linux server (2 years or more)
・ Experience building and managing network equipment * Mainly Cisco, Fortinet, YAMAHA, Aruba (2 years or more)
・ Operational management experience of AWS environment
・ Operational management experience of SaaS type services (CASB etc.)

Welcome conditions
・ Construction and operation experience using configuration management tools such as Ansible
・ Experience in security (WAF, MSS)
・ Experience in project management and vendor control
・ Experienced in the visualization of system operation status
・ Experience in automation and efficiency of operation work

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