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Software Design Leader

Publication date 2021/09/21

Work Location , Expected annual income :

Tokyo,5.8M ~ 9.0M

About Company :

Global European Tier1 company

Responsibility :

You will be responsible for:
- Leading embedded software design for Interior control product.
- Contributing to success of RFI/RFQ activities related to software topic with oversea R&D team.
- Leading software development in Japan for Interior control products.
- Leading analyzing software requirements and designing software.
- Reviewing software artifacts (design doc) made by internal team and oversea team.
- Contributing to RFI/RFQ activity with R&D in Japan (esp. System & Hw team) and overseas R&D platform team.

Benefits :

- Social insurance
- Pension plan: DC plan
- Overtime allowance: Not paid
- 3 days of paid holiday: after 3 months
- 7 days of paid holiday: after 7 months

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

Minimum Requirement for this role is:
- Embedded software design & review: Autonomous
- C or C++ language coding: Autonomous
- Knowledge of Diagnostrics (e.g. UDS on CAN): Skilled or more
- Basic skill of reading circuit diagram: Skilled or more
- Basic skill of using oscilloscope: Skilled or more

Please contact to :

Kazuki Takahashi
Automotive Team
* Please note only qualified candidate will be contacted.

JOB ID : IJB2000888

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