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IT Division – System Architect

Publication date 2023/09/27

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

9.0M ~ 20.0M

About the Company :

Third- largest apparel company by sales Globally

Responsibilities :

■Recruitment Background

The Group is promoting a company-wide reform project which aims to transcend the conventional framework of the retail industry and transform itself into a Digital Consumer Retail Company. In order to achieve this, we, the Digital Business Reform Service Department, will not only promote globalization, cloud computing, and mobileization using the latest technology, but will also promote IT that creates profits (= "offensive IT") to the entire business. leading the reform. In this position, we are looking for someone who will lead the design and implementation of a "live" architecture calculated backwards from the business we want to realize, and will be responsible for executing it until delivery as a system architect at the global headquarters.

■Department Overview
The mission of the Digital Business Transformation Service Department is to always define the “ideal state” of business from the customer's point of view, and to lead and realize business reforms that utilize the latest IT technology. In order to realize the project, in addition to EC / store systems, we are also accelerating in-house development of core systems centered on the supply chain. In addition to project managers, in-house development engineers, data scientists, UI / Human resources in a wide range of occupations, such as UX designers, are active. System architects not only decide system configuration and usage technology, but also participate in all kinds of design related to system construction, such as system development process, migration method, and operation method. In addition, we are responsible for planning and implementing solutions from a technical perspective for issues that arise during system operation.

■Job Description
Job types are as follows. As the company grows, there are many opportunities for employment.

・Enterprise Architect While ensuring the overall consistency of operations and systems in product planning, product planning, production management, inventory management, sales management, human resources, accounting, etc., we are responsible for formulating system roadmaps, devising system architectures, and supporting system delivery. I'll enjoy having this.

・Digital Commerce Architect Responsible for formulating a system roadmap for the EC system, store system, and marketing system that serve as customer contact points for the whole Group, devising system architecture, and supporting system delivery in order to enrich the customer's shopping experience. I will have it.

・Integration Architect Lead policy formulation and design to realize stable operation and quick delivery for interconnectivity and inter-system interfaces between various systems that support the business of the whole Group.

Benefits :

■About Career Path There
are various types of jobs in his digital business reform service department, and you can expand the range of your career depending on your own abilities, aptitude, and motivation. Opportunities for success are expanding not only in Japan, but also at overseas bases.

・Bonuses: Regional allowances, commuting allowances, overtime allowances, etc. (* All according to company regulations)
・Bonuses: Semi-annual bonuses twice a year, financial results bonuses )
・Promotion twice a year (determined according to personnel evaluation)
*Not limited to the above, it will be determined based on our company 's regulations (based on the annual income and experience of the previous job)

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

■Necessary experience, skills, and abilities
・Computer science degree or equivalent
・5 years or more experience in the IT industry, work experience in all aspects of design, development, and operation
・Excellent communication skills in Japanese or English
・Experience/skills for overall practice of planning/design/construction/development/operation/maintenance in system delivery
・Experience developing/operating systems using the cloud
・Ability to design that captures business requirements, ability to understand problems, ability to solve problems
・ Ability to correctly grasp not only functional but also non-functional requirements and implement them

■Welcome experience, skills, abilities
・Experience as a team leader and manager
・Experience in developing IT strategies/technology strategies for user companies
・Experience in developing company-wide policies and technology strategies related to collaboration between systems at user companies
・Experience developing and operating with external partners and system integrators
・Excellent programming ability in any of the following languages: Java, GoLang, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift
・Development/implementation experience using major database products (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, etc)
・Batch processing for mass transactions
・Design/development experience
・Experience in planning/executing non-functional requirements tests and performance tuning
・Experience in designing/constructing/operating large-scale job flows including complex dependencies
・Experience developing distributed systems, parallel processing systems, and high-availability systems
・Experience in designing/developing application frameworks
・Experience in designing/developing/implementing inter-system linkages such as EAI/EDI/ESB
・Understanding of microservice architecture
・Cache using CDN Experience in implementing mechanisms (ex. Akamai), design/implementation experience in monitoring systems, implementation/practical experience in development process methodologies (Water fall, Scrum/Agile), knowledge of automation technologies such as continuous integration and continuous deployment, testing methodologies, and Experience in quality control

Reference information (excerpts of technical elements we use) Programming languages:
Java, Javascript, Go, Swift
Cloud infrastructure: AWS, GCP, Docker (all container-based)
Database: PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP HANA
Cache: Akamai, Redis
Development tools: Github, Slack, JIRA, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins
Operation monitoring: Datadog, Grafana, Prometheus

Contact Information :

Agent Contact:

Gorni Alessio

JOB ID : IJB2002775

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