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Senior Legal Manager

Publication date 2023/12/11

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

Tokyo,10.0M ~ 14.0M

About the Company :

World Famous Fast-Food Company

Responsibilities :

◆ Duties and Responsibilities:
- Appropriate opinion proposals based on communication, research and analysis with each department regarding complex legal issues (including judging the necessity of requesting an external lawyer and considering the appropriateness of the lawyer's opinion)
- Reasonable and practical contract review that understands the essence and situation of the business
- Proposal of appropriate countermeasures according to the stage of conflict development when a conflict occurs
* Support and confirmation, etc. for appropriate handling when delegating to external lawyers
- Legal risk analysis, planning and execution of measures to mitigate major risks
- Review of internal legal and compliance-related operations, and proposal and execution of improvement measures
- Contribution to the maintenance and development of the company's internal control function through management improvement of internal regulations such as authority regulations
- Management and improvement of company institutions such as shareholders' meeting, board of directors and various committees, and board of auditors
- Improved company-wide risk management with the support of our Risk Management Committee
- Operation and support of compliance programs, including compliance hotlines, and implementation of compliance education

Benefits :

Compulsory Benefits

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

- Graduated from a 4-year university
- At least 3 to 5 years of practical experience in a wide range of general corporate legal affairs, such as corporate law, labor affairs, contract review, etc., at a law firm or a large company
- English proficiency of TOEIC 600 or above

Contact Information :

Brad Didway
Manager / Principal Consultant - Food & Beverage / Consumer Goods

JOB ID : IJB2004210

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