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Security Researcher (junior, middle, senior)

Publication date 2023/09/27

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

Tokyo,8.0M ~ 15.0M

About the Company :

Leading International Security Company

Responsibilities :

We are seeking security enthusiasts who:
? Possess a deep passion for making the world a safer place
? Exhibit fearlessness when dealing with malware, investigating cybercrimes, and dismantling malicious infrastructure
? Demonstrate eagerness to discover unconventional solutions to existing problems
? Assist law enforcement agencies in conducting cyber investigations
? Keep themselves at the forefront of cybersecurity trends and technologies
? Share their knowledge through public talks, mentorship, training sessions, briefings, and media interviews
? Generate and explore audacious and innovative project ideas

What we expect from you:
? Comprehensive understanding of advanced cyberattacks
? Proficiency in analyzing and comprehending malicious code, including PE, .Net, ELF, Mach-O, and scripting languages
? Experience in programming to develop custom tools
? Familiarity with common data formats, network protocols, and OS architectures
? Strong understanding of Intel CPUs' assembly language and architecture
? Extensive knowledge of WinAPI and POSIX
? Proficiency in Linux, MacOS, and familiarity with other operating systems is a plus
? Working proficiency in English
? Effective communication and presentation skills
? Ability to write technical articles
? Adherence to high ethical standards

Benefits :

- Employees Pension Insurance.
- Annual Paid Leave

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

-Analyzing and comprehending malicious code, reverse-engineering, using different tools for it (IDA, x64/x32, Ghidra) OR understanding of advanced cyberattacks at least
-Experience in programming, data formats, network protocols, and OS architectures(Linux, MacOS, Windows)
-Strong commcunaition For public talks, mentorship, training sessions, briefings, and media interviews

Contact Information :

For more details please contact
Jonathan Espinosa

JOB ID : IJB2004652

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