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Senior IT Project Manager

Publication date 2023/09/27

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

8.0M ~ 13.0M

About the Company :

Global FMCG Organization

Responsibilities :

Plan a project as a project manager and develop it through vendor management (planning, budgeting, schedule management,
issue/progress/quality control, operational business design and maintenance system, deployment to effect measurement)
Vendor management Operation and improvement of products and services in charge (maintenance and promotion of operation, functional
improvement and review of business processes, contract and quality management, etc.) Services and products that will be in charge (there
may be opportunities to be involved in new projects in the future) *See below You don't have to have all the experience.
- Microsoft 365 services (email, Teams, SharePoint, etc.)
- MS Office products, Azure Files
- Office PC, store PC, device management platform (MECM)
- Remote access & remote access light
- Conference room management system ( EVOKO)
- Office iPhone

Benefits :

- Annual Paid Leave
-Public Holidays
- Sick Leave
- Maternity and Child Care Leave

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

- Experience in service introduction, planning and promotion of migration measures at a system integrator company stationed at an
operating company, at an information system-related department at an operating company, or at a consulting firm, etc.
- Experience in system development/operation or knowledge of network infrastructure
・Native level Japanese
- Reading and writing level English proficiency
*Required for collaboration with members within the Technology Division, global members, and outsourcing partners.
In-house interpreter translation support available Interact with the global team at least once a week. Regular meetings and discussions on
how to solve problems. Rather than adapting to global methods, decisions will be made based on whether or not to adopt global measures,
and if they are adopted, they will be customized to suit the Japanese market.

Contact Information :

For more information, please reach out to
Victor Alesse - Senior Manager

JOB ID : IJB2004743

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