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Information Technology Department Playing Manager

Publication date 2023/09/27

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

Tokyo,0.8M ~ 10.0M

About the Company :

Global Sport ware company

Responsibilities :

1. System Overview: Visualize and assess the overall system design, ensuring the adequacy of planned promotions and cost.
2. System Maintenance: Handle and operate a broad range of systems, with a proficiency in platforms like Salesforce.
3. Stakeholder Relations: Foster a positive relationship with the implant manager and actively participate in company-wide events.
4. Business Knowledge: Possess a solid grasp on:
- Sales Management: Order placements, shipping, inventory management, etc.
- Production Management: Accepting orders, tracking progress, understanding production bottlenecks, etc.
- Accounting Basics: Familiarity with Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss statements, cash flows, and inventory valuation methods.
5. Management Tasks: Set goals, monitor progress, and assess the IT department's performance. Oversee infrastructure management.
6. Tech Implementation: Identify IT needs for the company and implement planning office services.
7. Software Customization: Document requirements for business software customization, assess costs, and address inquiries and issues from various departments.
8. Data Handling: Process data in Excel and familiarize with platforms like OBIC and WiWinEDI.

Benefits :

- Annual Paid Leave
- Social Insurance

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

Desirable Experience:
- Crafting Salesforce dashboards and reports.
- Creating content on Microsoft SharePoint.
- Developing tools with RPA platforms such as PowerAutomate and WinActor.

Contact Information :

For more details, please contact
Victor Alesse
Senior Manager

JOB ID : IJB2004765

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