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Sales Systems Specialist (Assistant Manager)

Publication date 2024/05/20

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

Tokyo,8.0M ~ 9.0M

About the Company :

Prominent E-commerce Organization

Responsibilities :

As a Sales Systems Specialist (Assistant Manager), you will play a crucial role in managing the company’s sales team, setting sales goals, monitoring performance, and identifying business opportunities. Your responsibilities will include training and motivating sales staff, developing effective sales strategies, and preparing detailed sales reports.

Key Responsibilities

Sales Strategy and Execution:
Assist in planning and executing sales plans.
Develop strategies to improve sales performance.
Strengthen relationships with key clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sales Team Leadership and Training:
Guide and train the sales team for optimal performance.
Monitor and maintain high levels of process efficiency and data quality.
Assist in the administration and management of key sales tools.

Performance Tracking and Reporting:
Track, report, and refine sales performance metrics.
Troubleshoot and refine sales flows, rules, and processes.
Regularly attend sales meetings and training sessions.

System Management and Content Repository:
Maintain sales content repository and internal documentation.
Ensure that the store is adequately stocked with company products.
Perform all duties of the Sales Manager in cases of absence or emergency.

Benefits :

Healthcare Coverage:
Comprehensive health insurance
Regular health check-ups and preventive care programs.

Flexible Work Arrangements:
Opportunities for remote work, allowing a better work-life balance.
Flexibility in work hours to accommodate personal needs.

Professional Development:
Access to training programs, workshops, and certifications.
Opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth.

Performance Bonuses and Incentives:
In addition to the fixed salary, performance-based bonuses and incentives.
Recognition for outstanding achievements.

Employee Discounts:
Discounts on company products or services.

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

Excellent problem-solving skills.
Strong management and leadership skills.
Effective communication skills.
Exceptional customer service skills.

Contact Information :

Victor Alesse

JOB ID : IJB2006265

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