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International Recruitment Consultants

Our international teams of bilingual and multilingual consultants are ready to help you with your recruitment and job search needs.

Our Strengths


  • We offer candidate search and placement services specifically tailored to careers in multinational companies.
  • We provide services involving recruitment of professionals at higher pay-grade levels, which entails working with managers who are foreign nationals and clients who maintain authority to hire personnel.
  • Our recruitment consultants, all fluent in two or more languages, refer ideal candidates to prospective employers while providing them with sound advice. To such ends, we pinpoint the recruitment needs of employers, particularly in terms of their corporate cultures, personnel strategies and candidate compatibility.
  • We provide recruitment consulting services that draw on our business network connected to the JAC Group, which has a global presence in Europe, the US, and throughout Asia.
  • We provide career support services in the Japanese jobs market where bilingual talent is relatively scarce in comparison with other nations of the world. In so doing, we enlist JAC Recruitment Group’s expertise in finding talented bilingual candidates through its proprietary recruitment network, while also otherwise drawing on its successful placement track record spanning over 40 years and its substantial presence in the job market.


  • We exercise our strengths in candidate referrals with respect to top executives and other managers, specialists and business professionals.
  • Our expert consultants each focus on specific industries and occupations, which enables them to become highly familiar with their respective business sectors while developing extensive networks of contacts in their target industries.

Candidate Search and Placement for Multinational Companies

The strengths of JAC International and of JAC Group lie in our expert ability to orchestrate job referrals and placements of experienced professional candidates at higher pay-grade levels, through services specifically geared to multinational enterprises.

We exclusively employ recruitment consultants who are foreign nationals or otherwise speak at least two languages, thereby enabling us to communicate effectively with those in charge of hiring at global corporations as well as professionals seeking to change careers, who are equipped with knowledge and experience in the realm of international business. Consequently, the high degree of foreign language proficiency of our international specialists helps enable us to provide top-quality recruitment services.


Philosophy & Policy

We have grown through maintaining a strong belief in our corporate philosophy and policy, both of which will remain forever as the culture of JAC.


Freedom & Discipline



Our Mission

By linking skilled human resources with companies across the globe, JAC Recruitment will continuously contribute to the growth of individuals, companies, economies and society.

Through our introduction of strong manpower, companies can expand their business, which contributes to the growth of the global economy. Economic growth is then connected to, and contributes to, the development of society.

The individuals we have linked together make new connections in new companies which leads to further personal growth.

Pursuing our company mission links to the development of individuals, of companies, of countries, of the world and, ultimately, the Earth – and it is our job at JAC Recruitment Group to forge those links. This is our Mission.

For Further Information

JAC International Brochure

Our company brochure contains the latest corporate information on JAC International. It can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. In addition, please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions regarding our capabilities and services.

Salary Analysis in Asia

The Salary Analysis in Asia is a comprehensive industry resource for HR professionals and decision-makers. The document contains annual statistics compiled on the basis of our proprietary information on the global market for recruitment of white-collar professionals from both JAC Recruitment and JAC Recruitment Asia. JAC Recruitment maintains one of the largest holdings of such information in Japan, and JAC Recruitment Asia, an employment agency specialising in recruitment of Japanese nationals, maintains the largest volume of such information in Asia.


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