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Quality Assurance Engineer

Publication date 2023/12/11

Tokyo,7.0M ~ 9.0M


This company is a global leader in redefining information and news discovery, committed to providing users with accurate, timely information and supporting quality journalism. They combine the power of a unique machine-learning technology with the expertise of their first-rate editorial team to bring news that matters to millions of users from over 3,000 global publishing partners. Founded about 10 years ago, this company has offices in Tokyo, San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore.

The Team
The Quality Assurance team ensures the quality and reliability of its products and services through rigorous testing, defect identification, and collaboration with development teams, ultimately delivering a seamless user experience of the company's mobile application.

Role and Responsibilities:

- Conduct thorough testing, identify defects, and collaborate with cross-functional teams in an Agile environment to deliver high-quality software products.
- Implement Shift Left approach by actively participating in early stages of development to design and execute comprehensive test cases, including functional, regression, and integration tests to ensure adherence to quality standards.
- Report and track defects, such as JIRA, working closely with development teams to investigate and resolve issues in a timely manner.
- Continuously improve QA processes and methodologies, incorporating tools for automation and innovative techniques to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.
- Stay up-to-date with industry best practices, emerging technologies, and trends in QA, and share knowledge within the team to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Security Researcher (junior, middle, senior)

Publication date 2023/12/11

Tokyo,8.0M ~ 15.0M

We are seeking security enthusiasts who:
? Possess a deep passion for making the world a safer place
? Exhibit fearlessness when dealing with malware, investigating cybercrimes, and dismantling malicious infrastructure
? Demonstrate eagerness to discover unconventional solutions to existing problems
? Assist law enforcement agencies in conducting cyber investigations
? Keep themselves at the forefront of cybersecurity trends and technologies
? Share their knowledge through public talks, mentorship, training sessions, briefings, and media interviews
? Generate and explore audacious and innovative project ideas

What we expect from you:
? Comprehensive understanding of advanced cyberattacks
? Proficiency in analyzing and comprehending malicious code, including PE, .Net, ELF, Mach-O, and scripting languages
? Experience in programming to develop custom tools
? Familiarity with common data formats, network protocols, and OS architectures
? Strong understanding of Intel CPUs' assembly language and architecture
? Extensive knowledge of WinAPI and POSIX
? Proficiency in Linux, MacOS, and familiarity with other operating systems is a plus
? Working proficiency in English
? Effective communication and presentation skills
? Ability to write technical articles
? Adherence to high ethical standards

Project Manager

Publication date 2023/12/11

Tokyo,Chiba,10.0M ~ 13.0M

Key Accountabilities

Main responsibilities:
? Overall responsibility of the project or work stream execution.
? Initiating and planning goals for project or work stream according to the strategic objectives of the project.
? Planning the project or work stream from start to completion involving deadlines, milestones, processes, and
reporting/presentation of the same into the program on regular basis.
? Review and provide inputs to the Integrated Master schedule which fully reflect interdependencies, delivery and other
? Manage changes to the Project plan.
? Building and updating risks and issues, escalate risks and issue on timely manner.
? Manage change control process and participate in change process activities to ensure they reflect realistic project delivery
? Generate Change request forms as required and obtain appropriate customer and internal approval, in line with project
governance standards.
? Generate Customer acceptance criteria and ensure receipt of acceptance certificate(s) .
? Build and manage project or work stream core team, budgets and it’s operations.
? Conducts various work stream review status meeting and reporting into program director for a large project.
? Attend Customer Project / Program Status meeting and Project / Program Steering Committee.
? Refine and finalized Project scope statement on the basis for future program decisions.
? Identify all activities necessary to achieve all Project or work stream related deliverables and monitor through the delivery.
? Organize knowledge transfer during transition phase for the work stream.
? Escalate any issue impacting costs, delivery timeline or scope to program director.
? Responsible for managing change as per direction from program director.


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