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Corporate IT Engineer

Publication date 2024/06/21

Tokyo,7.0M ~ 11.0M

In this position, you will be in charge of corporate IT and will be involved in a wide range of areas including planning, construction, and operation of internal infrastructure. As for specific work content, we will decide on assignments according to the individual's experience and aspirations.

【Business content】

Building and operating corporate IT
Management and operation of devices (Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/etc)
Help desk support for corporate IT/security
What you would like to leave to us depending on your abilities/intentions
Construction and operation of domestic/overseas base infrastructure
Promote zero trust security project
Automation of operational management of corporate IT infrastructure

[Characteristics of this position] - Since you are proactive about IT investment, you will be able to take on challenging initiatives to strengthen the information system infrastructure. - Since we handle everything from system planning to implementation in-house, we will be able to provide you with a sense of speed and optimal position. It is a rewarding environment where you are required to be knowledgeable. - A high level of security is required as we may entrust client data and other private information. - We are involved in a wide variety of business domains, including finance, healthcare, energy, nursing care, and human resources.

This position requires offline work, so you will be required to come to the office once a week.

Application qualifications (required)
Common Requirement: Japanese communication ability at business level or higher

Those who have experience/strength in one of the following:

Experience in building and operating corporate IT (cloud environment)
Experience managing devices such as Win/Mac/Linux
Help desk support for corporate IT/security
Those who value accuracy and detail and have a high level of attentiveness

Application qualifications (welcome)
Coding experience (including script processing and macro processing)
English communication skills above business level
NW construction and operation experience
Those who like gadgets

Infrastructure Engineer

Publication date 2024/06/21

Tokyo,7.0M ~ 12.0M

In this position , you will lead the development of systems related to either automobiles, new species, pets, fire, or injury .

The specific duties are as follows.
*Requirement definition associated with insurance system development
*Management of vendor employees in charge of development

IT POS Support Analyst

Publication date 2024/06/21

Tokyo,7.5M ~ 8.0M

- Support the omnichannel teams during their day-to-day operations via in person visits, email, phone, and chat.
- Perform analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of problems related to POS hardware, operating systems, applications, and peripherals.
- Recommend and implement proactive or automated solutions to resolve recurring system related issues.
- Utilize tools to assess the need for performance upgrades to systems.
- Ensure the overall efficient operation of the company’s omnichannel environment.
- Receive and respond to incoming calls and e-mails regarding problems with computers, associated hardware, and software.
- Assist with the scoping, implementation and rollout of new features related to the POS environment.
- Cooperate with the Global IT Team for the coordinated resolution of issues.
- Maintain helpdesk notes and documentation concerning daily activities.
- Interact with approved hardware, software, and services vendors.
- Work with the business to map new possible streams and solutions to further improve the IT ecosystem.
- Where required perform basic security functions within a Windows-based network, such as: resetting passwords, changing file and directory permissions, enabling or restricting access to network services.


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