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Publication date 2024/07/22

Tokyo,6.5M ~ 8.5M

Responsible for all payroll process
Manage workflow to ensure all payroll transactions are processed accurately and timely
Reconcile payroll prior to transmission and validate confirmed reports
Understand proper taxation of employer paid benefits
Process correct garnishment calculations and compliance

CEO Secretary

Publication date 2024/07/22

Tokyo,6.0M ~ 10.0M

・CFO による社内コミュニケーションのサポート(動画配信、イベントサポート
・CFO の庶務業務全般(経費精算等)

Retail HRBP

Publication date 2024/07/22

Tokyo,6.0M ~ 8.5M

Handling entry procedures upon commencement of employment.
Create employment terms and conditions for successful candidates
and present these terms to them.
Arrange new employee training and other procedures related to
joining the company.
Handling procedures for employees taking leave.
Conduct interviews with employees on leave and carry out internal
Arrange meetings with the company’s physician.
Participate in the health committee meeting (once a month).
Enhancing talent and developing career path
Plan and propose BCs’ talent development and career path in
cooperation with Area Managers and Retail Operation Managers,
utilizing newly adopted systems such as beauty talent and jinjer.
Conduct training.
Carry out tutor training as part of the RHR team (every month), labor
management & harassment training for new managers, orientation
training for new graduates, as well as organizing various seminars.
Update training tools.
Recruitment activities
Conduct job interviews focused primarily on hiring new graduates.
Create salary increase data documents.
Distribute and collect evaluation sheets and create salary increase
data documents.


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