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Publication date 2020/06/30

Tokyo,8.0M ~ 12.0M


社内: エンジニア・プロジェクトマネージャー(当社内)
社外: クライアント、ベンダー

- プリセールスフェーズ
提案活動においては技術ソリューションの要件定義をリードし、技術コンセプトとハイレベルデザインを策定し、工数見積もりを行います。またお客様の要求などの必要に応じ、Proof of Concept(PoC)の実施を行います。

- デリバリーフェーズ

- 主体的にビジネス機会を探求し、プリセールス活動をリードすること
- クライアント志向で行動し、最良のクライアント体験の提供を目指すこと
- 自身やチームメンバーのスキル向上や業務上の課題解決にリーダシップをもって取り組むこと
- サービススコープとプロジェクト収支を常に意識し、主体的・能動的に取り組むこと

HSE & Quality Manager

Publication date 2020/06/30

Tokyo,8.0M ~ 12.0M

1. Coordination of EHS committees (0 accident, 5S, Healthcare) in tolling company and carry-out monthly EHS meeting with documentation

2.Coordination and management of daily EHS issues (daily activities like patrol, safety training, PPE, work permits, change management, 5-Minutes talks etc)

3. Coordination and management of unexpected EHS issues like natural disasters (Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake, Freeze etc.) and accidents / incidents (Fire, Explosion, Leakages etc)

4. To proceed the safety assessment (HAZOP) for all new materials (D/C, P/C, etc.), machines and processes.

Project Manager – Advanced Development of ADAS/AD Systems

Publication date 2020/06/30

Tokyo,7.0M ~ 10.0M

This is an excellent opportunity to be part of Advanced Development for ADAS and Autonomous Driving systems. You will work closely with the Japanese OEM customer to support a wide range of of projects in the area, contributing to projects from early stages (market research and requirement setting) all the way to final designs and start of production. You will take the lead in managing all stakeholders including Japan and overseas engineering teams, customer development and production teams and suppliers.

This will be a key role in the business, as you will be the primary bridge for all teams, ensuring smooth communication, addressing issues and supporting delivery of quality results within the required project timeline. The experience working as a key customer window and project manager for all project coordination will be invaluable in your career development.