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Publication date 2021/09/21

Tokyo,10.0M ~ 12.0M

You will be responsible for:
- Being a part of a research team in the development of advance process for semiconductor manufacturing
- You will have global responsibility although the role is based in Japan


Publication date 2021/09/21

Tochigi,5.0M ~ 12.0M

You will be responsible for:
- Plan the workload for his/her team with focus on load levelling
- Collect and consolidate production schedules and inventory data
- Monitor the loading, unloading, moving, stacking and staging of products
- Lead physical inventories and cycle counts, ensuring proper stock rotation
- Conduct annual human resources processes for the Warehouse team(s)

Logistics Supervisor

Publication date 2021/09/21

Osaka,6.0M ~ 9.0M

You will be responsible for:
- Make purchasing plan in SAP system to meet production requirement prevent from material shortage
- Purchase direct materials with release of schedule agreement for local and overseas vendors
- Monitor supplier delivery schedule in SAP system and review / revise it according to their status
- Follow up on production material shortage to contact with supplier as critical parts.
- Communicating with suppliers on delivery delay, damages and receipt discrepancies.
- Coordinate with freight forwarder regarding import and export parts
- Take a lead monthly closing activity and analyze the gap between physical count and the data on SAP system
- Arrange schedules of freight companies for inbound / outbound logistics
- Make delivery schedule as outbound logistics for customers
- Contact with customer for shipping issues and urgent product requirements
- Take a lead for physical inventory to ensure FIFO through ship/receive with coordination of rack, space and external warehouse
- Should be a key support to Logistics Manager, in handling practical operation of Plant SCM activities.
- Manage team members in providing daily task, control of overtime, development skill level so on to be achieved maximum output as a team.
- Perform other duties as required


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