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Senior Project Engineer (Renewable Energy Solutions)

Publication date 2023/09/27

Tokyo,6.0M ~ 11.0M

- Ensure efficient and timely execution of quality work product by Energy/Due Diligence Services teams. Coordinate work with other service areas and regions as needed.
- Representing UL at conferences and business development meetings as needed.
- To ensure delivery of the project, you will collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams (e.g. to identify risks, barriers, issues) and manage various internal as well as external resources.
- Manage costs to budget and identify and employ potential cost savings and efficiency improvements. Identify and address any performance concerns. Select and manage sub-consultants.
- You will prepare communication plans, project status reports and lead regular meetings with various stakeholders (e.g. internal team, sponsors, etc.)
- As a follow up to the various projects, you will ensure the use of best practices through “lessons learnt” sessions
- Compilation of high quality and consistent technical due diligence reports.

Business development: Approaching clients to offer insight into our technical advisory business for onshore wind, offshore wind and solar.

Project delivery: To lead as part of the project team on technical due diligence projects, either in the capacity of owner’s engineer on behalf of the developer, or as technical advisory for the due diligence on behalf of the investment/acquisition.

Electrical Engineer

Publication date 2023/09/27

Kanagawa,8.0M ~ 12.0M

1. Sustain and support the manufacturing and operations of SLB tools as subject matter expert
2. Generate solutions to improve the functionality and business aspects of the tools through technical inputs
3. Study electrical circuit design document, electrical schematics and manual test instruction procedure and completely understand PCBA functionality.
4. Electrical circuit simulation using software’s like PSpice, LTSpice, and/or Cadence etc.
5. PCBA testing and debugging using standard off-the-shelf electrical equipment.
6. Analysis of electronic component level to find a suitable alternate component.
7. Provide all technical documentation required for sustaining PCBA like design document, manuals, test procedure etc.
8. Work with Electrical CAD designers for preparing circuit schematic/PCBA layout, bill of materials and review their work.
9. Provide bill of materials and procure components for prototyping PCBA.
10. Statistical analysis of data provided
11. Perform functional evaluation of analog and digital components at room temperature and high temperature.
12. Prepare and continuously share updates of the detailed project plan and progress of project with other Schlumberger Product

Senior Financial Planning & Analyst

Publication date 2023/09/27

Tokyo,7.0M ~ 10.0M

- Collaborating with segment sales, operations, marketing, and service teams to manage and monitor business progress through forecasting, tracking actual results, and assessing performance.
- Assisting in driving business decisions and activities, which involve analyzing variances and trends, identifying and capitalizing on new or significant business opportunities, and providing insights to enhance the structural financials.
- Taking responsibility for maintaining a disciplined work process by establishing a robust and sustainable framework and streamlining and automating routine tasks.


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