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Global Engineering Manager

Publication date 2023/05/31

Tokyo,9.0M ~ 20.0M

Shibuya based, fintech start with million of user daily. Actively enhancing its organizational structure of engineering utilizing AI and Machine Learning technology for major products and services (B2B and B2C). Its personal financial management services include economic media that conveys money related themes, automatic savings app and mirai talk channel where customers can resolve their financial concerns together directly with financial planners. Its Cloud services comprise cloud accounting software, cloud-based tax return, invoice preparation software, payroll calculation, and cloud-based payment reconciliation.

"We strive to realize our vision of "becoming everyone's 'money platform'" through various products and services, including those for individual and corporate customers, to promote more effective use and analysis of data and solve customers' issues. We are looking for people who can promote the development of features and problem-solving by applying machine learning in cooperation with the product development organization to address the issues of the company many products and services."

Utilizing the development organization management experience and service development experience so far, you will assume the following roles and responsibilities for the entire engineering organization in the Cloud-services HR SaaS division:

- Oversee the entire HR area and multiple product development teams, and make cross-sectional decisions (resource allocation, recruitment, etc.) to realize the product roadmap.
- Even in cross-sectional areas such as QA, SRE, and architecture, while creating and updating medium- to long-term roadmaps, we will implement measures that involve the surroundings from the discovery and setting of issues.
- Contribute to improving performance in the HR field by improving productivity and maximizing growth of the engineering organization looking ahead three years from now.
- HR area development Have an organization-wide perspective and ensure that engineers and non-engineers advance in the same direction with mutual understanding.
- Produce successors and next-generation leaders through recruitment, training, and evaluation for the permanent development of the HR field.
- Improve engineer satisfaction and developer experience so that in-house engineers want to invite engineers they know
- Support the development process accompanying the globalization of the development team:
1. The company is working to globalize its development organization. By the end of 2024, the language used for engineering will be unified to English, and we aim to improve development speed and service quality by various engineers gathered from various countries. We are also promoting cooperation with our development base in Vietnam.
2. With the globalization of development, we believe that conventional development and testing methods are not necessarily the best. In order to develop services more efficiently, we will consider and implement the introduction of processes, tools, communication, new KPIs, etc.

Onsite Program Manager

Publication date 2023/05/31

Tokyo,10.0M ~ 17.0M

? Responsible for managing an account with offshore team members.
? Responsible for onsite delivery quality.
? Manage onsite delivery team (performance appraisal, goal setting etc.).
? Participate in customer meetings and meet weekly basis.
? Customer engagement & ensure Customer satisfaction.
? Proposal preparation support for the presales team and technical presentations to customers.

? Work jointly with the engagement and offshore delivery managers to ensure account growth.
? Drive engineering methods, processes, and tool setup related to Functional Safety across COMPANY Division U organization.
? Adjustment of test specifications, progress management, and result analysis

Project Manager

Publication date 2023/05/31

Tokyo,8.0M ~ 12.0M

- Manage Software projects in the area of in-vehicle embedded systems
- Lead and motivate the local project team and take care for the team members based on excellent soft skills and our company values
- Responsible for planning and reporting the progress of the work packages to our customers and the internal global program management
- Set the targets and milestones together with our customers and track the project progress


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