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SMT Process Engineer

Publication date 2024/06/21

Ibaraki,6.0M ~ 8.0M

● To improve the production efficiency (machine & Direct Labor) in its perimeter
● Capitalize and share the know-how of industrial processes in his domain
● To participate on the design of new equipment and new lines
● To lead Lean design workshop

Industrial Testing Engineer

Publication date 2024/06/21

Ibaraki,7.0M ~ 10.0M

Analyze customer requirements, legal regulations and internal specification to be applied in Testing strategies of products

Develop EOLT specifications for new equipments (Hardware & Software)

Design and develop complex test programs, process and systems to measure product functionality and integrality in the electrical and programming domains

Analyse test cases and failure, providing scenarios and proposing actions based on results

Checks product SW and Test Methodology/Coverage during Design Review, with R&D interaction

Technical Lead /Global Product Development Group /Tokyo

Publication date 2024/06/21

Tokyo,8.0M ~ 12.0M

About the company

Established in April 2021 as a development organization tasked with the implementation of all kinds of mobility services, is the global mobility service brand of a Global Leader Automotive Company (Japan).

We have about 300 employees in various positions including mobile engineers, front-end and back-end engineers, infrastructure engineers, data scientists, designers, and product managers; about 25% of our employees are international members.

We are a company that combines a stable environment with a venture mindset and the drive to take on new challenges.

About Global Product Development Group

The Global Product Development Group is responsible for the overall planning, design, development, and implementation of the system platform supporting the growth of the business in various countries. We have worked on solutions involving ID integration, global apps, digital coupons, business systems for mobility services, and more.

The team is constantly growing, and you will have plenty of opportunities to get involved in building new global products and projects from scratch. Our team consists of members from various nationalities/backgrounds, and we focus on daily discussions and active communication and the introduction of technology and design of the overall architecture in line with business objectives. We also have many opportunities to work with overseas businesses and engineers - our communication here is usually done in English.

Job Description

As an expert in the business, you will participate in the design, development, and implementation process based on business requirements. Leading a development team of 5+ people, you will work with programme managers and business analysts to understand the end-to-end application stack and develop automobile leasing and related service systems. You will work hands-on with development staff to design, develop, and implement solutions and ensure delivery focused on quality, deadline, and cost.

What you'll do

- Design, development, implementation, maintenance, and operation of business systems for car leasing operations and related services.
- Design, development, and implementation of integration with peripheral systems such as CRM, accounting, dealer systems, and external services.
- Acting as the tech lead for the team, facilitate, evaluate, and implement technical policies, evaluation, and implementation of the overall architecture aligning with business requirements and growth strategies.
- Lead the technical aspects of project design and work planning, including estimation, scope definition, resource allocation, and budget
- Source code review
- Create and implement release procedures and their mechanisms
- Level 3 response to escalated incidents and inquiries in collaboration with the support team.

Why this position?

You will lead a Global Leading Automotive Company's new global business from an engineering perspective. You will be involved in transformative initiatives, such as MaaS, mobility and sharing, and play a part in changing people's lives to be more affluent, convenient and enjoyable.
This role is closely aligned with the business side, allowing you to see how the systems you develop contribute to the overall business and experience business growth from an engineering perspective.
Here projects are created in an environment where there is a lot of uncertainty, because we are realizing a service that does not yet exist in the world. This is an environment where you can easily utilize your experience and perspective in order to make that uncertainty a certainty.
You will participate in the process of creating what will be the norm 10 years from now, not as an audience member, but as an actor. You will collaborate with Parent Company stakeholders and other companies to realize a way of selecting and using cars that has never existed before.

The Global Product Development Group is expected to design and develop global systems for Full Service Lease and supporting services. This position will go beyond mere system development and will step into the essential issues of the business sector, and contribute to the design of systems that contribute to the growth of our global business.


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