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Back End Engineer [Tech Lead]

Publication date 2024/06/21

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

5.5M ~ 20.0M

About the Company :

Tier 1 Fashion Company (Top 3 by sales Globally)

Responsibilities :

■Position Background
The company will transform our business format into a “Digital Consumer Retail Company” to provide new services to our customers, regardless of the framework of retail business. The Digital Business Transformation Services Department, being at the very core of achieving our goals by not only promoting globalization, cloud migration, and mobilization using the leading-edge technology, is the proactive IT itself. We are looking for an in-house development engineer to work on our various systems to deliver the best services around the world.

■About “Digital Business Transformation Services Department”
The mission of the Digital Business Transformation Services Department is to define the "ideal" form of business from the customer's perspective and to lead and realize business innovation using the latest IT technologies. In order to realize the DX project, in addition to EC and store systems, in-house development of enterprise systems is also being promoted at an accelerated pace. In addition to project managers, we have a wide range of professionals including in-house engineers, data scientists, and UI/UX designers. Application engineers play a core role in system construction and operation, and are in charge of everything from basic system design to construction, testing, service launch, and operation.

Benefits :

■Career Development
By developing your expertise in a specific area, you can aim to become a Team Manager or Dev-Lead, and of course, there are plenty of opportunities to change your job to another position or transfer to another team, depending on your ability, aptitude, and motivation. In addition, you will have opportunities to work not only in Japan but also in overseas offices.

■Annual Income
・Monthly Basic Salary
・Allowance: Commuting allowance, Regional allowance, Overtime allowance depending on the job grade
・Bonus: Biannual Bonus (April and October), Profit Sharing Bonus (to be determined whether to be paid and amounts based on the company's results and the individual performance evaluations
・Biannual promotion (to be determined in accordance with performance evaluations)

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

■Minimum Qualifications
・Passion for IT technology, Sincere attitude toward problem solving, Positive attitude, a strong sense of responsibility and flexible thinking.
・Logical thinking. Ability to understand an intention and background, and to lead to solving problems regardless of language. ・Excellent communication skills in Japanese or English.
・At least 5 years of experience in programming (Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, etc.).
・At least 5 years of experience in system basic design, detailed design and testing.
・At least 3 years of experience in system operation.

■Preferred Qualifications
・Experience in development/operation of API, Batch, etc., for B2C.
・Experience in building and operating business systems in Fashion Apparel industry or EC,
・Experience in using the Cloud of main cloud providers such as AWS, GCP.
・Experience as a lead engineer in a multinational team.
・Experience in building frameworks, or libraries, commonly/generally used.
・Experience in building and operating a large-scale web service.
・Experience in building and operating a supply chain of production, logistics, etc.
・Experience in developing and operating together with an external partner and system integrator.
・Knowledge of automation technology such as continuous integration and continuous deployment.
・Experience and understanding of test methodologies and quality control.
・Experience in Agile development
・Experience in developing a distributed system, high-level parallel processing system, or high availability system.

■Reference Information (Excerpts of our using technical elements)
・Programming language : Java, JavaScript, Go, Swift, Kotlin
・Cloud infrastructure : AWS, GCP, Docker (All container-based)
・Database : PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP
・Cache : Redis
・Development tool related : GitHub, Slack, JIRA, Terraform, Jenkins
・Operation monitoring related : Datadog, Grafana

Contact Information :

Agent Contact:

Gorni Alessio

JOB ID : IJB2002773

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