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IT Division – Data Scientist / Leader

Publication date 2024/07/22

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

Tokyo,5.8M ~ 20.0M

About the Company :

Third- largest apparel company by sales Globally

Responsibilities :

■Position Background
The Company will transform our business format into a “Digital Consumer Retail Company” to provide new services to our customers, regardless of the framework of retail business. The Digital Business Transformation Services Department, being at the very core of achieving our goals by not only promoting globalization, cloud migration, and mobilization using the leading-edge technology, is the proactive IT itself. We are looking for a Data Scientist or Data Scientist (Leader) to lead our data analysis efforts.

■About “Digital Business Transformation Services Department”
The mission of the Digital Business Transformation Services Department is to define the "ideal" form of business from the customer's perspective and to lead and realize business innovation using the latest IT technologies. In order to realize the project, in addition to EC and store systems, in-house development of enterprise systems is also being promoted at an accelerated pace. In addition to project managers, we have a wide range of professionals including in-house engineers, data scientists, and UI/UX designers. The data analysis team is a team of highly skilled
data scientists working together to improve the sophistication of product planning, refine demand forecasts, and optimize the supply chain, and so on.

1) Data Scientist
You will belong to the data analytics team and engage in the analysis design, data analysis, algorithm development, and reporting to each project.
Specifically, you will be responsible for understanding each business process and collaborating with each member of the project to design analysis, data collection, pre-processing, data analysis, and evaluation of the results to solve business issues.
In addition, depending on the status of the project, the candidate's wishes, and the mission grade, you will be responsible for tasks beyond the role of data scientist (project manager, business analyst, etc.).

2) Data Scientist (Leader Position)
In addition to the responsibilities as a data scientist, the leader will be responsible for team building, management, and member training for the data analytics team, and will pursue results as a team. You will also be responsible for team building, management, and member training of the data analysis organization, as well as team management.

* Following is the member categories and their role to the analysis project in our company
- Business side staff who uses the analysis results in the business.
- Business analyst who connects the business side and IT team.
- Project manager who launches, manages, and operates projects
- Data scientist who designs and analyzes data, develops algorithms and reports it.
- Data engineer / infrastructure engineer who maintains a data analysis environment and database.
- System engineer who implements analysis results into systems.

* Data analysis Environment We use GCP and AWS as our database and computing environment. There are no restrictions on SQL clients or analysis software, as long as they are common, and you can implement them as needed.

Benefits :

■Career Development
・In addition to developing your expertise in your area of responsibility, you will be able to broaden your career by working on various topics within the team.
・In addition to transfers within the department, such as to the data engineering team, there are many opportunities to transfer to other departments, such as product planning, production, logistics, and digital marketing.

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

■Minimum Qualifications
1) Mathematical Knowledge Completion of college level mathematics (statistics, analysis, linear algebra)
2) Expertise in Data Analysis Any of the following
- (Statistics) Statistical knowledge to the level of passing Level 2 of Japan Statistical Society Certificate
- (Machine Learning) Understand the algorithms of general machine learning methods, and be able to implement them appropriately.
- (Mathematical Optimization) Understand linear/non-linear programming problems and be able to model them by yourself.
3) Programming Ability Ability to perform analysis required for practical use using a programming language (GUI experience such as Excel add-in or SPSS is not included)
4) Work Experience
Data analysis- Leader position: 5 years or more, member position: 2 years or more
Data analysis planning, policy connection, PM experience - Leader: 3 years or more
Management experience - Leader position: 3 years or more

■Preferred Qualifications
1) Mathematical knowledge Advanced mathematical knowledge such as differential equations and mathematical statistics
2) Expertise in data analysis
? Majored in informatics, operations research, econometrics, mathematics, etc. at university
? Master's degree or doctoral degree in data analysis on a research topic.
? Peer-reviewed publications or experience in presenting at peer-reviewed conferences
? (Statistics) Statistical knowledge sufficient to pass Level Pre-1 of Japan Statistical Society Certificate
? Experience in simulator design and development
? Experience in GUI and web design development
3) Programming ability Ability to implement the algorithm in the paper or technical book by Scratch
4) Work experience Experience in data analysis planning, policy connection, and PM with significant results. (e.g., winning an in-house award, having a very large effect size, etc.)

Contact Information :

・Allowance: Commuting allowance, Regional allowance, Overtime allowance depending on the job grade
・Bonus: Biannual Bonus (April and October), Profit Sharing Bonus (to be determined whether to be paid and amounts based on the company's results and the individual performance evaluations)
・Biannual promotion (to be determined in accordance with performance evaluations)

Agent Contact:

Alesse Victor

JOB ID : IJB2002880

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