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Community Manager

Publication date 2024/02/28

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

Tokyo,7.0M ~ 13.0M

About the Company :

Global Entertainment and SNS platform

Responsibilities :

The client operates a wide range of products in Japan, including the short movie platform and the lifestyle sharing app. We are looking for a Communication Manager to be in charge of public relations for our products in Japan, including the short movie platform. In addition to developing and executing communication strategies to improve the credibility of the company and its products, this position will allow you to take on the challenges of both offensive and defensive public relations, including risk management and crisis management public relations. This position offers a great opportunity for growth as you will lead a variety of communication activities for products that have a large social impact, working closely with internal and external stakeholders from both global and local perspectives.

1. Planning and execution of communication strategies to improve the credibility of the company/each product
2. Strengthening media relations
3. Preparation of media materials and press releases
4. Handling various interviews and inquiries
5. Planning and execution of events for the media
6. Risk management and crisis public relations
7. Owned media management

1. 企業/各プロダクトの信頼向上のためのコミュニケーション戦略立案と実行
2. メディアリレーション強化

Benefits :

Regular employee insurance and benefits

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

- At least 5 years of experience in public relations, communications, marketing, etc. at a business firm or PR agency.
- Must be a team-oriented person with strong communication skills, and be able to achieve results by involving both internal and external stakeholders.
- University degree or higher
- Advanced Japanese language skills to perform duties
- Business level English

- 事業会社または広報/PR代理店での広報、PR、コミュニケーション、マーケティングなどの実務経験(5年以上)
- チームワークを重んじ、高いコミュニケーション力を発揮しながら、社内外ステークホルダーを巻き込み成果を残せる方
- 大卒以上の学歴
- 業務遂行可能な高度な日本語力
- ビジネスレベルの英語力

- Extensive media relations experience
- Experience in team management
- Experience in all aspects of public relations, from strategic planning to implementation.
- A sense of ownership, ownership and responsibility, and the autonomy to execute.
- Highly motivated and eager to grow
- Experience in a multinational company
- Experience in the Internet services, advertising, media, or entertainment industry

- 豊富なメディアリレーション
- チームマネジメント経験
- 広報戦略立案から実施まで一通り経験している方
- オーナーシップ、当事者意識、責任感を持ち、実行に移す自律性を有する方
- 仕事に対する高いモチベーションや成長意欲がある方
- 多国籍企業での実務経験
- インターネットサービス、広告、メディア、エンターテインメント業界での実務経験

Contact Information :

Roberto Mantonico

T: +81 (0)3 5259 2478
M: +81 (0)70 1219 1915

JOB ID : IJB2005151

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