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Sales Manager

Publication date 2024/07/22

Work Location , Expected Annual Income :

Tokyo,10.0M ~ 12.0M

About the Company :

Top Tier Chemical Company

Responsibilities :

1. Sales & marketing and providing solution for customers and the team members
2. Expand and create new businesses with clients
3. Participate the sales operational plan providing demand forecasting data for supporting the supply & delivery execution
4. Work closely with the regional team to develop business market in Japan
5. Responsinble in commercial and business development
6. Responsible in marketing and identify the player and competitor in the market
7. Manage customer enquiries and complaints

Benefits :

Full standard insurance and attractive salary package

Required Experience / Abilities / Skills :

1. Good knowledge in Paint & Coating, Polymer emulsion, Water treatment, Leather, Metal Working fluid, Mineral slurry, Electronics, Wood, Gypsum, Marine antifouling, etc
2. Requiring good technical knowledge of biocide such as products, chemistry, regulation, application etc. and putting the knowledge into practical use in order to solve issues.
3. At least 5-10years working experiences in related field
4. Bachelor of Science or working expereices in Chemical industry
5. Strong business English and Japanese communication skills

Contact Information :

Cindy Liaw

JOB ID : IJB2005832

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